Eco Friendly High-tech Tea Blending & packaging Plant
The plant is operated by a team of dedicated workers and skilled professionals who ensure adherence to our Food Safety and Quality Policy. Strict and total inspection / verification of incoming tea is done to ensure complete conformity with the samples, which were meticulously selected during Tasting. A fully automated storage and reclaiming system, which is at par with the latest standards in the Food Industry ensures safe keeping and retention of quality. We use food grade packing material, solvent free printing, touch free packing of the best available quality resulting in strong, attractiveand safe packaging which is our final presentation to the consumer.
Selection process
The word Assam one of the seven star of Northest India has become synonym with ‘Worlds best tea’.The state of Assam is world known for its full gutty bright and brisky brew with excellent “creaming down” quality tea. Ashoka industries procure its tea mostly from the state of Assam. It participates in auctions held at centers of north and south India. It evalids various plantation houses on a regular basis to ensure procurement of best quality tea.
Tea testing
The tasting procedure is the major part of selection procedure. During the process the pots and cups are kept serially, then the teas weighing 2.5 gm, are put in it with a measured spoon, then the water which has just come to boiling point, is poured on it and are covered with a lid, the teas are infused for 5-6 minutes. Then the liquior is poured into a cup and the tea are ready for tasting. Now it is the taster turns, he take the sip of the liquior and split, within in that small span of time he has to understand the good and bad qualities of tea, and this way ASHOKA INDUSTRIES serve you with best teas.
Ashoka Industries have fully automated blending machines and vaccum tight packaging machines to assure the freshness of the blends till it reaches our consumer. Our quality assurance team tests the sample from every batch of production and tests it according to standard specification.
Quality Assurance
Assurance of quality, in whatever you sale is the only parameter which defines an organization survival. So is the case with us. At Ashoka Industries tasting of tea at various stages ,right from procuring /preparing blends and packing is carried out Beautifully. Everyone right from storekeeper to taster packer knows the importance of quality of tea. This among with us as resulted in achieving the ISO 9001:2008 certification for the organization. We at Ashoka Industries follow guidelines let down by USFDA (Food and drug association).In terms of it GMP(good manufacturing practices) and HACCP(Hazard analysis of critical control points).